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Article Written By: Anna Cabrera, Windsor Star
Published Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Your vehicle doesn't exactly have it easy.

Season after season, it's exposed to snow, sleet, rain and mud. Its exterior takes a beating from the sweltering summer sun, gets whipped by bugs in August and ice pellets in December. Day after day, it greets the open road, combats traffic, and carries you and your family to and from work, play and home.

If your car could talk, it might beg for a much deserved spa day. It may even ask for a specific spa: Daytona Car Wash.

For nearly two decades, Nick Athan has been pampering vehicles of all makes and models; he owned and operated the popular Daytona Car Wash at its original location on Windsor's south side from 1996 until its closure in 2011. When this location was expropriated to make room for the new border route, Athan decided to take advantage of the opportunity and expand his business into what's being rumoured to be the finest, most unique car wash in North America.

Athan gathered everything he knew about the car wash and detailing industry to design an automotive cleaning centre unlike any in the country. The new location would provide Athan with the ability to start fresh, utilizing everything great about the original Daytona and implementing revolutionary new ideas for a carwash that will surely drive vehicle owners to Daytona in droves.

The $3 million multiple in-bay carwash now sits on the 2200 block of Huron Church Rd, north of EC Row. Its upscale look turns heads immediately. Those who catch a glimpse of the new building, with its swanky, upscale design and state-of-the-art equipment, know immediately that this isn't just any carwash; it's a carwash for those who want the best for their cars.

Daytona Car Wash uses what Athan considers to be the superior type of carwash: the soft touch system. The two bays feature this friction system, which is unlike traditional automated carwashes, many of which use a soft cloth; Daytona's uses a polyflex foam wash material. This substance is incredibly soft and lightweight, yet provides high power performance, adjusting to most any vehicle's shape and size, bending to its curves or angles.